You Too Can Have Animated Talking Characters on Your Blogs and Websites


Have you seen an animated character on a website somewhere and thought to yourself:  Wow! I could do some really cool things with one of those on my website or blog.

But then you got put off by the price tag attached.

Well I’ve got some good news for you.  You can have an animated character like this one for your blog, website or your ebay listings without it costing you a single penny.

And I’m going to show you right here, simple step by simple step, how to create and install an animated character using free resources available on the net.

Are you ready? well here we go then…

Things you will need:

Software for producing your animated character
We will be using a free software package called Flipz IV Flash.

A microphone for recording your messages
If you don’t have one most mp3 players have recording capacity these days. But I’ve found that recording directly in Flipz gives better results.

A place to host the .swf file
If you are using paid hosting for your web site or blog then you will be hosting the file there.  If you’re using a free service such as Blogger or Weebly then you will need to be able to put the file someplace else and then stream it onto your blog.  I’ll be showing how and where you can do this easily and at no cost.

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