Finding somewhere to store the .swf file so that it’s contents can be streamed

Step 3

I tried a few free online storage sites but either the possibility of streaming from them was reserved for paid accounts or the process was so complicated that I gave up.  But one site was not only free it also made the process as simple as can be.  That site is 

They offer 25 GBs of FREE online storage and up to 1 GB of downloads/streaming per month. This should be enough unless your blog or web site gets a lot of traffic and you are streaming a lot of files or they are big ones.  For information, the file in this example is 228kb.  You can survey your consummation in the Download Information section of your Mediamax Account Information.

So start by signing up for your free account.  Once you’ve done this you can upload the .swf file. Store it in the “Hosted” file folder. Once the file is in the hosted folder copy the “Hosted Link” for that file. This is displayed in the Hosted File folder and takes the form:

We now have everything we need to make the necessary changes to the mark-up code and install the animated character.  >>

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